In Memory of:


Jemm o’ Voli
Sire: Xhavit’s Sharri of Vushtrri
Dam: Arusha II
February 24, 2006 – April 4, 2014

Jemm O Voli was our protector, guardian, gentle giant, and ambassador to all the dogs and new pups. He stole our hearts and was much more than a dog……he is and always will be unforgettable. 

We will miss you forever.


God please give Jemmo full run of your house…..

Jemm O Voli

Jamm is our “house dog.” Weighing in at about 170 he is a Gentle Giant. He is the goodwill ambassador for all the other dogs as he gets along with everyone in the pack. Still playful and sweet, he has the guardian instinct of a purebred Shar. He was just too nice a dog to not bring back to the USA. He is neutered and has no registrations pending anywhere as he has a permanent place in our hearts…..and he keeps growing! He also helps us working with new puppies because of his gentle nature and inherent intelligence.