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  1. Beautiful dogs! My Shar Mountain puppy, now 12 weeks old is a wonder! He is beautiful, scarily intelligent, calm, focused and observant. He is totally at ease around the pigs, chickens, geese, cats and other dogs that live here. He is also very social with us…loves to be part of the family. He will be a property guard, and although he’s too young to be sure, he certainly seems to have everything I was looking for!

  2. Our new boy, Tyr, just 9 weeks old, already exhibits many of the attributes which attracted us to this ancient and noble breed. He has bonded well with our other dogs as well as our family. He is calm, steady, and seemingly unflappable when confronted with new experiences. When out in public, he is steady as can be. He accepts visitors calmly, yet with an ever watchful eye. Of course, it’s still early yet, but he appears an exemplar of the magnificent sarplaninac. His lack of excitability might be confused for a lack of boldness by the uninitiated, but his cool demeanor rings more of an ingrained quiet confidence and ancestral code of ethics. We love our boy, and know the wait to get him was well worth it. Cheers!

  3. I rescued a 13week “Leonberger mix” from a shelter in California. After months of googling images and looking up similar dogs… It is undeniable that my 1year old girl Houston is actually a purebred Sharplaninac. All I see on this website is nothing but pictures of my sweet, intelligent, stubborn girl. How did that puppy end up in a shelter in California?

  4. We have 40 acre farm and are looking now at different breeds!Your dog’s are so regal and intelligent looking!

  5. I had one for 11 years he was my best friend and companion I am looking to get another companion. From the right person

  6. HI Ally,
    I’m so sorry I haven’t visited your site before. Not sure where my focus was. Great site and full of good information.

  7. We just lost our beautiful Sarplaninac Sasha after 11 years as a loved member of our family. She was not our first Sarplaninac. We love the breed. Losing her left me with a feeling to see if it were possible to get another in the future and I found your website. Your dogs are beautiful!!

  8. Beautiful dogs and a very well presented page.I’m looking for a companion dog on my 40 acre Horse Farm and the lost dog “Leo” could have been exactly what I’m looking for.

  9. Hello Hugh…and we may have just what you are looking for! We are planning a June 2020 breeding. For more details see our puppy page and email me at

  10. Thank you and we may just have what you are looking for! We are planning a June 2020 breeding. For more details please see our puppy page and contact me at 🙂

  11. These are the most best dog ever,I contacted you back when we first got our girl and thought she would not grow and you said feed her raw
    well that work, at the time we were new to the breed. what can I say she is huge and what a beauty 135lbs of love and protection
    she is 11yrs at this writing and acting like a pup .will send some pics of her your site is great. thank you for keeping these dogs pure

  12. si je? Im Albanian and owner of 3 gorgeous manicured acres in the heart of CT. I also have a NYC home for work! I have vast knowledge of this breed!! I’m in love wth them! I have had a huge white German Sheppard . she lived to be a strong beautiful 14 year old. I would prefer two, but il take it slow at first. I need a guard dog for my property and family and two of this would do the trick lol I would like to call you if I may?

  13. Yes, of course…please call at 570-434-2124. Evenings after 730pm are usually best as all my kennel work and feedings are completed.

  14. Our Ciobi was brought to us from Kosovo by our daughter. He was a beauty at 2 months old, too big for his age. Now he is grown with head higher than our dining table. You were right about their characteristics. He loves small dogs and children, protects our home, very protective. His size is very intimidating but he is gentle when he gets to know you.
    Love love love the cold weather. When it is hot outside he tells you by knocking on the door to get in the house. We love him much.

  15. Thank you Doris for telling us about your Sarplaninac! They are amazing dogs and I am passionate about them, love hearing stories like yours 🙂

  16. I am new to this breed and your website is so informative! Your dogs are absolutely beautiful!! I hope that we will be next in adding one of your perfect pups to home!

  17. Thank you Denise, we are proud of our dogs and will work with you to find the perfect match 🙂

  18. I grew up with these beautiful dogs. Our friends for over 45 years are from belgrade Yugoslavia. They had these dogs in the late 80’s into the 90’s. They are a wonderful dog that lived outside mostly. They did have a couple of litters. They ended up keeping 4 who are all passed on now. What an intimidating dog but also a playful dog. We use to have the best times in Hunter, NY. If i owned my own house with land i would own one of these dogs. Glad to see Shar Mountain Kennels appreciates this breed as much as my family and friends did. Maybe we will meet one day for a pup. Great website!

  19. Our boy Rambo is nothing short of magnificent. At 12 weeks old, he has formed an incredible bond with our family, especially our two children. His exceptional intelligence is evident during obedience training. Once he learns something, he will do it again and again if asked.
    From the very start, Ally shared her wealth of knowledge and took the time to get to know our family to be able to place a pup that is best suited for us.
    We look forward to many adventures with our boy❤️

    Thank you Ally!!

  20. I have two Sars from SMK. They are everything my family in a dog. Fantastic with my three children and countless family members but also very serious in their work. Healthy and beautiful as well! It would be extremely difficult to find a breeder who puts the amount of effort and care into her dogs as Ally. She is also a wealth of practical and useful knowledge. I couldn’t recommend Ally and SMK enough! Thank you Ally!

  21. On a late autumn afternoon in 2000, I was returning to Skopia from southern Macedonia driving my leased Kia coupe. I was stopped in a traffic delay when I noticed the legs of a large dog walking past my car. I looked up as it passed. That was my first introduction to a Sharplaninatz. What a dog! I learned that they have an instinct to defend flocks against wolves. In the mountains, they work in threes, surrounding their flock. When a predator appears, one Shar will advance to fight the wolf. When the first Shar becomes exhausted, a second will take over the fight as the first regroups. This tactic continues until the wolf leaves.

    I’m glad you’ve taken on the job of protecting the breed. God bless you and good luck.

  22. We just lost our Caucasian Mountain Dog this week. We have been learning about this breed, which is so similar to our breed we imported from Ltahvia Russia. Your dogs and pups look beautiful.

  23. Your daisy from Zoran is beautiful. Would like to talk to you about future liter. Also, do you have any females that you plan on retiring? Not looking to breed , but I have always enjoyed an older dog also.
    Thank you,

  24. Thank you! Call or write anytime, always happy to talk dogs. I don’t have any older girls as I keep all of my dogs throughout their lifetime. On occasion I will be contacted by rescues or other families to find a home for a sar and will keep you in mind if interested. 😁

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