**Disclaimer** Some foreign websites may list Shar Mountains Bigor as a sire.  This is false information and SM Bigor’s lineage was stolen off our website, we do not know by whom .  Our dogs have never sired or produced any foreign dogs from Macedonia or elsewhere other than from our own kennel.
  Our kennel is located in the Endless Mountains Region of Northeast Pennsylvania and is full of the rare breed of Sharplanina dogs. While working in Bosnia in 1995 I fell in love with this beautiful breed. I returned to the former Yugoslavia for several years, and again, was drawn to the Sarplaninac (Yugoslavian spelling), Yugoslav Mountain Dog, Yugoslav Shepard, (many names for a magnificent breed but cherished by all people of the Balkans). This time, I had the opportunity to explore the area in detail and choose the finest dogs, with the help of some magnificent people indigenous to the areas. After assisting in the establishment of an independent Canine Federation for Kosovo; after the break up of the former Yugoslavia, I was able to bring 6 aboriginal (autochthonous) dogs back to the USA after completing my work in the Balkans. My intention is to introduce the Sharplaninac to North America, with a few other dedicated friends who also own Shar’s, as superb working flock/livestock guardians and a non-lethal means of predator control.. Their personality, loyalty, tenacity, courage, bravery and companionship as a lifetime friend is unbeatable. It is also my intention to produce the best of the breed and maintain original, uncontaminated bloodlines for the continued survival of this ancient breed.